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Car Covers Make You a Smart Car Owner

It is quite surprising that there are still a lot of people who neglect the importance of car covers. Suffice to say; those kinds of car owners are not at all minding their car’s condition too much. When you think about it, covers are more than just keeping your vehicle covered when you park it outside your house or anywhere. There are more benefits that you get when using covers. Being a smart car owner means that you value your car more and that you recognize the importance of every kind of protection that it gets from you.

It protects the car against natural hazards like falling tree branches, bird poop, and dust. It may seem safe to park your car under a shady tree but the truth is, you endanger it to limitless possibilities. Birds can conveniently relieve themselves from the tree and spray poop in your car. This may seem harmless but bird poop contains acids that may damage the paint. Falling tree branches may also break the car’s surface. Dust particles, on the other hand, may be big enough to scratch the surface. A vehicle cover can help protect against these natural hazards.

Protection against all types of damaging weather conditions. The weather changes are quite unpredictable. This is why your car should be weather- proofed at all times. There are covers that are meant to protect against rain, snow, heat, hailstorms, and others. An auto cover is important especially when you are to park outdoors where the car is fully exposed to the environment. An especially designed car cover for a specific weather condition will greatly extend the car’s aesthetic finish. With a car cover for your car, you are sure that no amount of sunlight, heavy rainfall, or even a hail storm can damage the car severely. Lastly, auto covers make your car’s value stay up through the years. Since your car is able to maintain its shape even after a few years since you bought it, the value depreciation is less than those that are not fully protected from all harmful elements. If you are planning to upgrade into a new car in the future, it will be wise to protect your current one so you can demand a good price for it should that time comes. Looking at the advantages of having a cover for your car, it will be really dumb of you if you will not go and buy something that will fit the needs of your car. It is so much easier to deal with all the hazardous elements if you are somehow protected all the time. That is the essence of having car covers, to provide all the protection that your car needs whether it is parked indoors or outdoors. Owning one for your car is tantamount to being a smart car owner as you does not only recognize its importance but your car’s value as well.

Car Covers Protecting Your Car

The sun is shining, the waves gently rushing by. You lie on the beach, hardly believing the bliss is actually existing. As the sun begins to set, grudgingly pick yourself up and head back to the car…and can’t find it. Well not at first glance anyway. Then after a thorough check through the car park, you discover that your car is a shadow of it’s former glory. In short it is a disgusting mess. This scenario is all too familiar to most. After spending the day at the beach, the car is covered with a fine layer of dust and sand, that have begun to slightly scratch the surface.  And aside from all this, the seagulls seem to have mistaken your car for the conveniences!

How is it that others just don’t seem to have this problem? The answer is a simple one; full car covers. That’s it. A small investment that takes you a long way. To begin with, once you have a full car cover you don’t need to take your car for it’s monthly or so car wash. It also doesn’t need the occasional re-waxing, and the car seems to look new for far longer, hence extending its life with you. The wind that tends to bring with them all sorts of ‘goodies’ that actually end up scratching and denting the car. These things happen, even as a mistake and unless you do something pro-active, like getting a full car cover, your car will remain as vulnerable as the rest. There are hundreds of different full car covers, and it’s up to you to select the one most suitable for you and your car. The advantage of this is that the cover is more specialized for your car, whilst keeping the cost at bay. Custom car covers are generally the most expensive as it is tailor made for your car. These have the big plus that the cover then fits cozily against the car, maximizing its protection. There is also a vast choice of different materials to choose from, each with different levels of protection offered. It will depend on the environment and climate you live in, as to which type of protection is your priority.

Portable Classic Car Covers

Car covers are an essential investment for all drivers who want to have their vehicles protected against damage. Dust and small rock particles that are being blown about by air are major components of causing damage. When the car is at home, you can store it in a garage and it will be safe from all these environmental hazards. However, whenever you are traveling, you will require portable car covers for maximum protection. There are some people who are not yet informed about these carpets. Read on these tips to understand more about these carpets.

Portable car covers are analogically sleeping bags for cars. Drivers are supposed to have them whenever they are traveling to places where finding a garage for their cars will not be possible. At the moment, there are two kinds of car covers available in the market. These at least provide a variety which drivers can choose from. In real sense, one of the car covers is similar to a sleeping bag. The cover is fitted on the car to protect it from certain elements of weather like sunrays, pebbles on motions and acid rain. These are among the weather elements that accelerate the rate at which cars degenerate. These covers are convenient for some kinds of protection but there are other conditions that are not well suited to this kind of cover. For example, when there is the raging storm that is accompanied by the strong wind that is carrying materials with it, the car will still be vulnerable to damage. For maximum safety of your car, you will then require the other kind of car cover.

This type is designed such that when you erect it, it will look like a small house. The car is stored inside the small house. In case there is the strong wind that is blowing materials about in the air, they hit the cover and bounce off preventing the car from damage that would have been caused by the impact of the material. These covers may require some stands to support them. Nonetheless, in the jungle, they can be erected with the help of trees. Portable car covers are made from different kinds of materials. Most of the popular materials are both affordable and provide great protection to the cars. Materials used to make these covers are strong and durable. The material is resistant to bad weather elements.  The shelter forming covers come with a set of steel frames. These frames look like they are bulky, but they are easy to carry with you. The frames are supposed to be drilled on the ground to provide support. This is a simple task and can be done with minimal hand tools. Not that these portable car covers are only suitable for soil grounds. Otherwise, they may not be effective in rocky grounds since the stands cannot pierce the stone. The frames are also supposed to be elevated at a far distance from the cars to prevent rainwater and bad elements like snow from falling on the car.

Car covers.

Wool Car Covers

This material is based on reviews of car owners about car covers

Do we need covers at all?

Many prefer to ride without them. It is believed that any covers look worse than the native salon. Especially if the car is new. And you can only wear them then to hide the scuffs and the unattractive look of the cabin. That is, if the cabin has come to an end, then beautiful covers will help you. Covers are needed when you often carry children and animals in a car. Also, if you have the habit of eating in the cabin, carry dirty things, drive in working dirty clothes.

Another plus covers – they can adjust the uncomfortable seat with special inserts . And the problem of osteochondrosis does not threaten you.

What is better to order or buy ready-made? Buy ready cheaper. But it will look better, of course, custom-made.

If you are going to buy ready-made covers, you need to know not only the full name of your car, but also the interior equipment, year of manufacture. For this information, the seller will be able to pick up “native” covers that fit exactly on the seats of your car.

What is better to buy, full covers or seat covers (“T-shirts”)?

Seat covers (“T-shirts”) are inferior to the covers in some positions. First of all, because they are worse kept on the seats and do not protect the upholstery from pollution. Covers also fit snugly to the seat and back. But “T-shirts” are easily removed, cheap, very simple. Very comfortable: when you need (you carry a child), put it on, and when not needed, quickly removed.

In general, if funds allow, it is best to have more than one set of covers. To be both for summer and for winter. And what materials for covers is better to choose, see below.

Cloth covers

Pros: you can choose different colors. Easy to wash. Absorb moisture. Cheap. Plush and tapestry more wear-resistant. Synthetic look good, perfectly stretched, do not crumple and do not go astray. Covers of flock: perfectly cleaned and washed, paint and appearance does not fade, does not fade, not static, they do not sweat.

Cons: Tissue covers of some fabrics are knocked down, crumpled. Synthetic covers fight with current and do not absorb moisture (hence, sitting on them, you sweat), quickly lose their shape, because the synthetic stretches, they crawl away at the seams, they have torn edges and tightening gum, there are inhibitions.

Velor covers

Pros: Do not slip. Pleasant to the touch. Sit on them comfortably. Do not melt when inhaled.

Cons: After some time of operation, the pile gets off. The fabric folds into folds, which looks unattractive. Often it will be necessary to vacuum the interior, as it is very collect dust. Hair and debris stick to the velor surface. Clean is not so easy. After washing, the covers can sit down.


Pros: Large selection of colors. If you are carrying animals, it is easy to clean the cabin. They are enough for a long time, are inexpensive.

Cons: The material does not breathe, it is very hot in the heat and dubeet in the cold. “In the winter like a tree, in the summer it is all soapy.” They do not let in moisture (when you sit on them, the skin sweats)

Leather Covers

Pros: Soft. Pleasant to the touch. Easy to clean, easy to clean with special wipes. Look expensive and respectable. The skin breathes. Hypoallergenic.

Cons: skin requires careful handling, otherwise it can be easily scratched. Expensive.

Eco-Leather Cases

Ecoskin is a quality substitute for natural leather.

Pros: Excellent imitation of genuine leather. There are micropores that allow eco-skin to breathe. Ecoskin does not pass water. But the breathability of eco-leather is much higher than that of genuine leather. High wear resistance (resistance to abrasion, to rupture, to creases). Good frost resistance. Pleasant to the touch. Hypoallergenic. Odorless. Eco-friendly. Are cheaper than genuine leather.

Faux Suede Covers

Pros: Velvety, soft, pleasant to the touch. Durable.

Cons: Dear.

Fur Covers

Pros: A good ride in the cold, warm. Respectable.

Cons: Collect dust, dirt and easily get dirty. Expensive, but artificial fur is a worthy alternative to natural material. With time, bald spots are formed. Moth may start. In the summer it is hot on them.

If you are going to buy covers

Do they have special cuts for airbags, so that in the event of an accident, the covers do not interfere with the disclosure;

Are there openings for armrests and headrests. Otherwise you will not be able to wear seat covers.

And more wishes for the covers: foam lining (it keeps the shape), edging (more attractive type of covers), side and lumbar supports (back will be more comfortable), pockets on the back of the front seats (you can put the right things, it is very convenient).

If you have an addition to the material or a review of the covers that you exploit, you can share your information in the comments or in a separate article